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    The idea here is quite simple: take the beginner to the most objective sites for researching the Dead Sea Scrolls. There are a multitude of websites that have information about them, especially in English language. Some of them have information based on serious work, distancing themselves from exotic content and pseudo-scientific approaches. They may also contain downloadable materials of some reliability. Still, it's best to start with what's most concrete. The sites below have been selected for this purpose. In them you will find the most complete bibliographies, the contents of the DJD series, the scanned photographs of the manuscripts, and some information that may help.

    The Orion Center website may be the most comprehensive on Dead Sea manuscript issues. It was established in 1995 as part of the Institute for Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. On the site, it is possible to find the lectures and courses that have been and will be carried out (always with renowned researchers worldwide), an immense bibliography (quite punctual with texts from 1995, but also with many previous to this period), and a series of other interesting information for the study of manuscripts.



    Due to the importance of this Orion page, I have it separately. It features an index of the official series of Dead Sea Scrolls, the famous Discoveries in the Judaean Desert, published by Oxford University Press. In the links of each volume is available the index, which shows the manuscripts that were worked in that volume and the researchers responsible. An excellent tool for references!


    Site of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). It is with this institution that most of the Dead Sea Scrolls are. They are available in photocopies and can be accessed on the website.


    Site of the Shrine of the Book, where are the best preserved manuscripts of Qumran. Scanned texts can be found here or directly on the website below.


    Other texts, the “long manuscripts” of Qumran Cave 1 and 11, can be accessed through the website of the National Museum of Israel. Scanned copies of 1QIsaa, 1QS, 1QpHab, 1QM and 11QT are available (verses can be accessed in the 1QIsaa book).


    On the reconstruction of the facilities of Qumran.


    Chronology of the discoveries.

               Dead Sea Scrolls

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