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This website is dedicated to promoting, researching and teaching about one of the greatest documentary sets of Antiquity ever discovered, the Dead Sea Scrolls. These manuscripts are divided into several collections, from different periods and with more or less related content, discovered in 1947 in the Judean Desert. The most important collection is known as the Qumran Manuscripts and it was used by Jewish groups alongside the already known texts of the Hebrew Bible.

This is the first site in Portuguese language specialized in this subject. It presents the most important themes ever considered in the historiography of the Dead Sea Scrolls, with emphasis on their reception in  Brazil and thework of Brazilian researchers. We hope this will be  a contribution  that

will help to remedy the lack of digital media in Portuguese, presenting a basic framework accessible to researchers and those interested in the subject.

Attention! The Dead Sea Scrolls do not compose a “mystery”, an “enigma” or a “secret”, or something that cannot be understood by us, reflective individuals. Some curious people insist on teaching a distorted idea about these documents, through pseudoscientific assumptions and/or market interests. The safe way to get to know them is the one offered by researchers who have relevant academic production in the area. Fortunately, we have researchers of excellent all around the world, many of them duly cited on the pages of this website and with their accessible works.

Here, we are making available videos and documentaries in Portuguese (and other languages), suggestions for research sites, Bibles, scientific articles already produced in Brazil and some of the most important Dead Sea Scrolls. All this material gathered will provide a coherent basis for reflecting on this large set of texts – with a more simplified language, but free from the sensationalist bias, from false controversy and from the interest in opposing faith and reason, as found in some websites and printed publications.

Welcome, everyone!

The book Dead Sea Scrolls: 70th Years of the Discovery (Portuguese), was a result of a project carried out for Brazilian and foreign researchers in remembrance of the 70 years since the discovery of the manuscripts. This is an academic work that has been used by professionals for teaching and research, but it was written by authors concerned with a language accessible to all interested people. Get yours!

Check out an important review about this book:

After 70th years of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the research continues in full swing. The University of São Paulo discloses the work of the Prof. Dr. Fernando Mattiolli Vieira, organizer of the book: Dead Sea Scrolls 70th Years of Discovery. Initially found by two Bedouins, the researchers after examining the area, and found 11 caves with 930 manuscripts, including 210 reproduce biblical books with copies dating back 125/100 BC. Among them the book of Isaiah. Fascinating!!! Largest archaeological discovery of the 20th century.


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Ancient DNA could reveal full stories on the Dead Sea Scrolls

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