Fernando Mattiolli graduated from the State University of São Paulo,

UNESP/Assis. He was mentored in his post-graduation levels by Professor Ivan

Esperança Rocha. For one year, he studied in Jerusalem in the Shrine of the Book

– where the best-preserved Dead Sea Scrolls are – under the mentoring of Professor

Adolfo Daniel Hoitman. He is affiliated with ANPUH (National Association of History) and ABIB (Brazilian Association of Biblical Studies). He is a researcher of NEAM (Group of Ancient and Medieval Studies, UNESP/Assis) and History and Memory (UPE/Petrolina). He has worked mainly on the following issues: control of violence in the Primitive and Ancient societies, social structure and representation of political-religious groups in the Judea from thesecond century B.C. to the first century C.E., birth of expulsion in religious communities of Judea from thesecond century B.C. to the first century C.E., and Dead Sea Scrolls. He worked for four years as a temporary lecturer at UNESP/Assis and currently is Assistant Professor in UPE/Petrolina. He loves to cook. He reveres his mother.

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Professor Marcel Sigrist of the École Biblique et Arquéologique Française de Jérusalem (EBAF). Major reference in the world on the period of Hamurabi, one of the few translators of writings of the period, owner of a vast bibliography. Next to me, getting ready for an interview.